Travel insurance that turns lemons into lemonade

With 25Genius, nothing can ruin your trip. Incredible coverage, exceptional support and quick claim processing.

All-In-One-App friendly insurance

25Genius covers everything that can go wrong so you can enjoy your trip worry-free


We’ll cover emergency medical and evacuation expenses you have in-trip, including ones related to COVID-19. Even if it means flying you home.


Your long-awaited trip got cancelled or delayed? We got you covered.

Your stuff

Luggage is delayed, lost or damaged? We'll help ya' out. Even with that favorite t-shirt of yours.

What else is covered?

Trip cancellation, trip interruption, covid-19, baggage loss or delay, trip delay, missed connections, 24/7 assistance, medical evacuation, emergency medical expences, trip inconveniences, pet care, rental car care, cancel for any reason, vacation rental damage, adventure and extreme sports.


What do they Say?

25Genius has more than 100k positive ratings from our users around the world.

Thousands have unpleasant situations have been resolved in a matter of hours that took many days with other insurances.